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The Emmaus Project of Sisters Adorers Almeria receives recognition from Banco Santander for its impact on social inclusion

9 June, 2023

The Emmaus Project of Sisters Adorers Almeria, Spain, receives recognition from Banco Santander for its impact on social inclusion.

The Emmaus project of Sisters Adorers Almeria was one of the 15 winning projects in the 15th “Euros for your Payroll” competition of Banco Santander, whose prizes were awarded on 7 June 2023 at a ceremony presided over by Her Majesty Queen Letizia.

The winners were selected from among the projects presented by the 230 associations that took part in this edition, in which Banco Santander will distribute 700,000 euros.

The winners were selected in five categories: international cooperation, disability, social inclusion, health and the elderly. The Emmaus project of Sisters Adorers Almeria has received recognition in the category of inclusion, in which the Fundación Padre Garralda and the Emet Foundation have also been awarded.

With this award, Banco Santander wanted to recognise the work of the Sisters Adorers in this Spanish city, which has designed a residential shelter and comprehensive care project for more than 1,000 women victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation, in contexts of prostitution and at high risk of social exclusion.

This project offers alternatives to these women to start new life projects, through a comprehensive approach, with special attention to physical and mental health in its day centre. One of the women who has participated in the programme has testified to the latter. She, together with the Superior of the Province of Europe-Africa, Antonia López, and the director of the Emmaus project, Juana López, collected the prize for which Adorers Almeria will receive 46,118 euros.

“Euros from your payroll”

“Euros from your payroll” is one of Banco Santander’s most important initiatives for the thousands of employees involved in social causes and who support the NGOs that work every day to help the most vulnerable groups. In this edition, 230 associations participated and presented their projects, with 30 finalists and 15 winning projects, each of which received EUR 46,118.

Each year, the winning NGOs join the Santander solidarity network, made up of more than 150 NGOs with which the bank collaborates, among others, with volunteering initiatives and especially with pro bono volunteering, in which employees place their knowledge at the disposal of the NGOs.

“Euros from your payroll” is a reflection of the enthusiasm and solidarity of Banco Santander employees, an initiative that enables them to collaborate with social entities that work on a daily basis to help the most vulnerable groups.

Information from the Province of Europe-Africa, find out more at this link.