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Sisters Adorers: We continue to move forward on our Chapter journey

29 May, 2023
Sisters Adorers chapter journey

Sisters Adorers continue to move forward in our Chapter journey.

Filled with joy and expectations (and also with some fears and resistance, why not say it?), during the months of January and February of this year we opened the doors of the XXXI General Chapter. We celebrate life by recalling with gratitude all that we have experienced during the last 6 years.

Local Conversations and Zonal Conversations 

We continue our journey by opening ourselves to listen to those who walk with us, through local conversations. They have been moments of great richness, where the Spirit has spoken through each one of us.

And we continue to walk. Gathering by zones, we have met with other communities of the province to dream together the Congregation that we want to build.

Provincial Conferences

And at this moment we are preparing to take another step in our Chapter journey, looking for the means to reach our goal of making the dream a reality, and thus to be able to bring our proposals to the General Chapter.

A broad representation of Sisters Adorers and lay people from each province will be meeting in provincial conferences for this purpose.  Therefore, we invite all the sisters of the Congregation and all the lay people who live their faith committed to and collaborating in the various realities of our great Adorer Family, to pray that, in each of these Assemblies, the Holy Spirit may freely flap his wings and let “fall as a GIFT” the DREAM OF GOD FOR OUR CONGREGATION, inspiring us the ways so that it may become a reality.

May the Divine Ruah be the protagonist and leader of our Provincial Conferences.  The dates on which these will take place are as follows:

Europe/Africa: 1st to 3rd June

America: 7th to 9th June

Delegation of Japan: 11th to 14th June

Kolkata: 9th to 11th June

Mumbai: 19th to 22th June

Commission for the work leading up to the XXXI General Chapter.