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XXXI General Chapter of Sisters Adorers: Questions and Answers

12 September, 2023

The Sisters Adorers, Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament and of Charity, will celebrate the XXXI General Chapter from September 18 to October 13, 2023. Sister Superior Teresa Valenzuela and the Sisters of the General Government Team are already in Madrid to finalize the preparations for this congregational meeting.

What is a General Chapter and who participates in it?

The General Chapter represents the whole congregational community, it expresses the participation of all and in the Assembly sisters from all over the world are summoned, some by Right, as are the provincial leaders, and others are elected by the sisters who make up each of the Provinces in which the Congregation is structured as delegates.

The Chapter Assembly, constituted and convoked, gathers to pray, share and celebrate the life of each province in the last six years, to evaluate and discern together what the Spirit wants for the Congregation and the world of today from our Charism and Mission.

The 29 sisters who will participate in this General Chapter will live a special experience of charismatic grace from which new life emanates for the Congregation in the next six years.

In addition, the Sister – Superior General – will be elected, who will accompany her in the service of government and animation as successor of Micaela, our Foundress. Sisters will also be elected who, from a shared leadership, will accompany the Superior General in government and animation.

What is the theme of this 31st General Chapter?

The theme of the 31st General Chapter of the Adorers, which has been the guiding thread of conversations, discernments and meetings throughout the year in preparation for the Chapter, is “Living Communities that walk in hope”:

– Open to the Spirit,

– Aware of reality and embracing it,

– Caring for Life and

– Joyful in Mission

Where is the XXXI General Chapter being held?

The XXXI General Chapter of the Sisters Adorers will take place in Guadalajara, Spain.

On our website and social networks, you will have access to more information about the development of the 31st General Chapter.